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4 Reasons You Should Use a Pro Series Connect Wifi Module

pro series connect wifi

This is a message for those who have installed a waterproofing system in their home… congratulations! It’s no small decision to invest in protecting your home from flooding.

This is important—a waterproofing system isn’t something that can be installed and then forgotten about. Like your car or coffee machine, it requires the occasional maintenance to ensure it works to the highest capacity. We can agree that if your home is about to flood, you want your sump pump to be working at its highest capacity, right?

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Why Battery Backups Don’t Suck Anymore

pro series battery backup

Battery Backups are secondary sump pumps that turn on if the primary pump fails. They are integral to keeping your home safe during power outages, primary pump failures, or unexpected events (we’ll give you an example we had recently at the end).

Honestly, if you were to ask us ten years ago whether or not to invest in a Battery Backup, our answer would have been a flat no. Battery Backups were not well thought out and failed constantly. Now they have a terrible reputation as being a waste of money.

However, in the last ten years, Battery Backup technology has caught up to the times. We argue it is a mandatory part of your basement waterproofing system. Let’s break it down.

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Why Pro Series Pumps Are the Premiere Sump Pump

pro series pumps

If any of you have been dutifully reading our blogs, you may remember that a while back we made a post about Zoeller sump pumps and why we choose them over all other sump pumps. However, in keeping up to date with advancing sump pump technologies and service, we are proud to now be an exclusive dealer of pro Series sump pumps!

Why did we make the switch? For the same reason we chose Zoeller before: because Pro Series sump pumps are the best sump pump solution to waterproof your basement that we could get our hands on. Sorry Zoeller, there’s a new sheriff in town. Let us run through why.

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Why Does a Sump Pump Need Yearly Maintenance?

sump pump maintenance

For many homeowners, the thought never occurs to them that their sump pump even requires maintenance. Like any other machine, like your coffee machine or your car, sump pumps requires attention in order to perform the way they are intended to. Luckily, performing maintenance on your sump pump is simple! Here’s how you can improve the longevity and performance of your sump pump for Windsor’s impending heavy summer rainfalls.