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Why Pro Series Pumps Are the Premiere Sump Pump

pro series pumps

If any of you have been dutifully reading our blogs, you may remember that a while back we made a post about Zoeller sump pumps and why we choose them over all other sump pumps. However, in keeping up to date with advancing sump pump technologies and service, we are proud to now be an exclusive dealer of pro Series sump pumps!

Why did we make the switch? For the same reason we chose Zoeller before: because Pro Series sump pumps are the best sump pump solution to waterproof your basement that we could get our hands on. Sorry Zoeller, there’s a new sheriff in town. Let us run through why.

Better Warranties and Service

Pro Series sump pumps stand behind their products and the contractors that install them. Premium sump pump components and engineering allow Pro Series to offer better warranties that begin from the date of installation. They even extend their warranties when their sump pumps are purchased and installed by professionals, with warranties lasting as long as five years on their highest quality sump pumps.

On top of this, they offer FREE lifetime technical support for our customers, with a service provider trained to troubleshoot problems over the phone. Of course, you can also call us, but the option is there. That’s some peace of mind for you!

Built to Be the Best and Simplest

There are a lot of different types and builds of sump pumps out there, and a lot of them are using outdated technology. For example, any sump pump that is built out of plastic is one you want to avoid. If the casing around the motor of your sump pump is plastic, the heat created by the running motor may cause the plastic to warp. When the plastic gets warped, even by a degree, it causes the bearings in the sump pump to begin to wear out. Suddenly, the next time it rains, your sump pump isn’t working at all.

The Pro Series line of sump pumps does not hold back on quality. Even the entry-level solutions do not cut corners, starting with cast aluminum/cast iron builds, water cooled motors, thermal protection, and integrated quiet operation design. Not to mention, they are designed for higher pumping capacity than other sump pumps too.

To take it even further, Pro Series sump pumps and all their accessories are made to be easy to install and replace. Let’s say you’ve had your Pro Series sump pump for seven years and one day the float switch breaks. No problem! Rather than having to get a whole new sump pump system, the float switch can be purchased and replaced on its own in a pinch. Back in the day, this wasn’t the case. My, my, how times have changed for the better.

Green Technology Industry Leaders

We’d like to take a moment to highlight a couple specific components of Pro Series sump pumps that will have dollar signs forming in your eyes. They feature a high-efficiency Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor, which uses fewer amps of energy than other pumps. This motor, mixed with upper and lower sealed ball bearings, increase efficiency, durability, and allow for quieter operation. These upgrades over regular sump pumps result in a powerful motor that is efficient, durable, and lasts longer. Pro Series sump pumps are considerably less expensive for a homeowner to operate, meaning lower energy bills. Cha-ching!

Patented and Exclusive Accessories

Pro Series wants to make protecting your home as simple and streamlined as possible. All their sump pumps can be connected with state-of-the-art controllers, switches, and modules designed to keep your home safe, as well as the homeowner informed of any issues that may arise.

Think of a controller as the sump pump computer, giving it commands and relaying information. Their Deluxe Controller monitors your sump pump and power conditions, sounds an alarm when problems are detected, and even recommends a maintenance remedy. It activates your sump pump weekly to exercise and extend your pumps life. You can even adjust the pump run time. It gives you control with ease.

Let’s paint a picture for you. You went away on vacation for a week and left the kids at home for the first time on their own. While bike riding through Niagara-on-the-Lake, you suddenly get a text message saying that there is something wrong with the sump pump and it requires attention. You call your kids and find out that one of them had accidentally unplugged it so they could charge their phone. That’s the power of the WiFi Module. Had a notification not been sent, the next heavy rainfall could have been a disaster!

Pro Series accessories are pros at communication, which we’re positive any homeowner would appreciate when it comes to basement flood prevention.

In Conclusion

Honestly, we are blown away to be servicing homes in Windsor-Essex with these sump pumps. Their customer service and support, build quality, energy savings, leadership in green technology in the industry, and warranties put Pro Series sump pumps in their own league compared to other sump pumps. We at Supreme refuse to use anything less than the highest quality solutions, and Pro Series sump pumps are hands down the best sump pump solution to waterproof your basement.