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Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps

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Windsor, Ontario

Sump Pump Services

We are proud to be the exclusive retailer of Pro Series Pumps in Windsor-Essex County. Their focus has always been on creating and improving their products to make reliable pumps and other accessories to benefit our communities.

Being the exclusive retailer of Pro Series Pumps backup and AC sump pumps offer more than just the leading pumps in the industry—we offer the best support for our customers, and our Supreme Team receives the best, exclusive training.

Sump Pumps

Battery Backups

If the power goes out, your main AC pump will not run and your basement will flood.
The Pro Series backup system will pump intermittently for days, providing a secondary pumping source. For increased run time, the larger backup models can handle extra batteries for extended pumping time.

If your main pump fails due to a mechanical problem, or if the pump is clogged with debris, the basement will flood.
The Pro Series system will provide a secondary pump and keep your basement dry.

If the float switch on your main pump gets stuck or fails, your basement will flood.
The Pro Series backup system will activate, pump the water out, and sound an alarm that the main pump did not activate.

If the discharge pipe in your main pump is clogged or frozen, or if the sewer is full, your basement will flood.
The Pro Series system will provide a secondary discharge line when you plumb it directly outside. The water will have somewhere to go other than your basement.

Pro Series Pumps

Pro Series Pumps use only premium components, and design pumps for maximum pumping capabilities, better energy efficiency, and durability. It is no mystery why they lead the industry in green technology.

Backup Pumps
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Combination Pumps
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Specialty Pumps
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Additional Options

The Freeze Guard®
The Freeze Relief is an overflow device that allows water to escape from the sump pump discharge line if it becomes blocked or frozen for any reason.

Retro-Fit Radon Cover
The Retro-Fit Radon Cover eliminates odours from your sump pump and is radon sealed to contain radon gases.

CONNECT Wi-Fi Module
Receive emails, texts, or in-app notifications to your phone, tablet, when there is an issue or any necessary maintenance for your sump pump.

Pump Alternator Control and Alarm System
Prolong the life of your sump pumps by alternating between two primary pumps. If one pump fails, the other will activate and an alarm will sound.

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