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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Windsor, Ontario

Foundation Repair

If you suspect a problem with your foundation, it is best to deal with the problem as soon as possible. The Windsor-Essex County region is a commonly wet area and can be very hard on foundations, especially older ones. We have a number of options to deal with the issues specifically. From carbon fiber wall repair, the SafeBase Waler wall system to SafeBase Helical Piers. Let our experienced team provide you with the most cost-effective foundation repair solution to your problem.


Carbon Fiber Wall Repair

SafeBasements™ has developed the strongest bowed wall repair system in the
industry. Our carbon fiber reinforcement option has gone through rigorous testing and engineering to arrive at a solution that is installer friendly and firmly secured.

  • Quick to Install.
  • 25-year transferable warranty.
  • Top bracket ties to joists for an ultra-secure connection.
  • Strongest bottom bracket connection in the industry.
  • 8″ Wide strap allows spacing up to 6′.
  • Best in class performance against shear forces.

Where to use Carbon Fiber Wall Repair?

  • Bowed Walls
  • Corner Wall Repair
  • Foundation Cracks


SafeBase Waler Wall System

The SafeBase Waler Wall System is the only system designed to work in conjunction with the patented SafeBase Wall Anchor.

System using anchor rods and earth plates.The SafeBase Waler Wall System is engineered to add structural stability to a basement wall that has been compromised.

helical piers

Helical Piers


  1. Installs in different weather conditions.
  2. Minimal equipment needed.
  3. No waiting, concrete can be poured immediately following the installation.
  4. Install even in tight areas.
  5. Versatility – from decks to commercial high rises.
  6. Installs quickly without costly excavation.
  7. Ideal for tension and compression situations.
  8. Environmentally friendly.

The cost effective solution to your settling problem is to install SafeBase Helical Piers.

Each pier is advanced into the ground until it reaches stable, suitable soil. A bracket on the top of each pier is attached to the foundation which can then be raised or stabilized depending on the situation.

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