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Will Encapsulating My Crawlspace Keep Bugs Out?

Bugs in Crawlspace


We could end the blog there, but for the curious minds who need reasons behind the knowledge they gain (count me as one of them), we’re going to go into detail about why crawlspace encapsulation is the supreme solution to crawlspace pests.

How DO Pests Enter Crawlspaces Anyway?

Let’s start with some questions for you…

  • Do you enjoy water?
  • Do you prefer environments where the temperature doesn’t extremely fluctuate?
  • Do you like to be left alone from predators (metaphorical or literal)?
  • Do you want the most optimal environment to raise your kids in?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you and crawlspace pests have a whole lot more in common than you think.

The crawlspace is the ideal environment for bugs and pests to make their long-term home. Even with hot summers and cold winters in Windsor Ontario, crawlspaces maintain a much more balanced temperature than the outside. This is ideal for any pest to survive our extreme changes in weather!

Due to how almost all crawlspaces are constructed, moisture is allowed into the crawlspace either through the dirt floor or through crawlspace vents. In the summer, this hot moisture cools quickly creating condensation. In the winter, the cool air warms up causing condensation build-up at a slower pace. These condensation deposits provide the lifeline for pests to live in your crawlspace!

These dirt floors and crawlspace vents are often the golden gates that grant pests free entry into your crawlspace. Cracked foundations also allow pests and moisture in, but if you have a cracked foundation, this blog isn’t your greatest worry. We’d recommend reading, “4 Causes of Foundation Cracks In Your Home”.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Solves (Almost) Every Crawlspace Issue in One Fell Swoop

Crawlspace encapsulation is a seriously powerful investment for your home. Every issue a crawlspace has can be traced back to one thing: unwanted moisture.

Crawlspace encapsulation completely seals the crawlspace from the inside, preventing moisture from entering any foundation crack, crawlspace vent, or dirt floor. First, the crawlspace is cleaned and all debris removed to prepare an even surface for the polyethylene vapour barrier to be installed. Then top it off with a foam barrier that extends toward the ceiling (your floor boards), and you have a moisture free space.

This vapour barrier will keep pests out for two reasons: they will not be able to penetrate the barrier, and there will be no water for them inside the crawlspace to survive with. Not only will it keep them out, but they wouldn’t want to be there anyway.

Aside from that, encapsulation regulates temperature in the wintertime and summertime, saving you money on your energy bills each month. A dry space protects the structural integrity of your floor joist, enabling them to last longer.

It’s a long-term investment with long-term benefits for your long-term home. It also increases the value of the property if you’re trying to sell. Crawlspace encapsulation is a smart decision, under the right financial circumstances of course!

Not to mention… bugs are pretty gross. Need we say more?