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4 Benefits to Encapsulating Your Crawlspace

crawlspace encapsulation windsor

Rodents and pests and mold… Oh my!

With Halloween approaching fast, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about the scariest part of your home, the place that very well may be haunted with its strange smells and creatures of the dark awaiting you—your crawlspace. If you’re reading this, maybe you’re ready to conquer your fears and rid your home of its inner demons. Or maybe you’re looking into the benefits of crawlspace encapsulation. At the end of the day, they’re the same thing, right? Since there’s no place like home, let’s look at how crawlspace encapsulation can improve yours.

What is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Our process starts with removing debris and other intrusive objects, then cleaning the crawlspace. After that, we add a “water barrier” made of a heavy-duty polyethylene to the floors, walls, and sometimes ceiling. It’s the same stuff they use for pool lining to prevent leakage. Finally, we pop in a humidifier to regulate air moisture. Boom, your crawlspace is encapsulated. Describing it is easy, but doing it is a whole other story. In fact, we wrote about it in our blog “DIY Crawlspace Repair or Call a Professional” if you want to know how difficult it is to do it right. But if it is done right, you’ll be reaping some sweet benefits.

Benefit #1: Save on Your Monthly Utility Bill

Basement encapsulation keeps the environment of your basement steady year-round. That means when winter cold hits, your crawlspace is better at retaining heat and when summer brings the heat, your crawlspace is a champ at retaining cold air from your AC. This is vital since up to 50% of the air in your home can rise from your crawlspace. If this alone isn’t enough to get you on the phone with a crawlspace encapsulation expert, read on friend.

Benefit #2: Pests and Rodents Begone!

For all you Lord of the Rings fans out there, think of rodents and pests as the Balrog in Fellowship of the Ring. Your basement is that tiny bridge, and your crawlspace encapsulation is Gandalf yelling, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” If you are not a Lord of the Rings fan, that’s okay! No judgement here at Supreme. Just know that, like the movie, rodents, termites, ants, and other pests are not going to pass through into your crawlspace and wreak havoc.

Benefit #3: Useable Space

This is a straightforward one. That space just became useful! The sky is the limit now that the crawlspace is dry and secure. A few recommendations from Supreme Basement Solutions staff members includes using it for storage, tossing a bed in there to make an incredibly low-ceilinged bedroom, and adding more walls to make a crawl-maze. I guess that’s what we get for asking our staff to get creative.

Benefit #4: A Dry Crawlspace is a Happy Crawlspace

This is the absolute biggest reason to encapsulate your basement. We all know that Windsor has some major flooding and water issues. So much so that we made it a blog article, “Which Residential Areas in Windsor Are Commonly Hit by Flooding”. Crawlspaces generally don’t have great air flow, so when water seeps in, it is there to stay. Soon that water grows mold. The mold spores enter your crawlspaces air, which enters your home, which enters your nostrils. You catch the drift, not good stuff. A dry crawlspace makes for healthier home air quality, as well as healthier home infrastructure. Water vapours in your crawlspace make fast work of your home’s wooden infrastructure, rotting and damaging frames and flooring.

We’re Off to Encapsulate the Basement!

Since we started with a Wizard of Oz reference, we guess we should end with one too. Crawlspace encapsulation is the yellow brick road to saving money, breathing healthier air, and having greater peace of mind about the safety and integrity of your home. It can make or break your house literally if enough time passes. So don’t wait, encapsulate!

We at Supreme Basement Solutions offer only the best advice, solutions, and products to our customers, because we treat every home like our own. If you want to speak to an expert about more details, we encourage you to chat with us. Contact us via our web form or call us at (519) 946-0363.