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Rental Property Encapsulation = Increased Value

Case Study #5


This West-Windsor property investor is renovating a home as a rental investment. One quick look into the crawlspace showed decades of history, as there were signs of animals, and old bicycles and a slew of other knick knacks that had been carelessly thrown into it. While the property investor is a DIY-er at heart, they knew they needed a professional on this one. The decided to call Supreme Basement Solutions.


rental investment crawlspace mess


Polyethylene vapour barriers


First, our team had to do a clean-out of the crawlspace. Once the crawlspace was free of debris and junk, the encapsulation could begin.

Our team got to work laying down the Polyethylene vapour barriers, securing them half-way up the walls with fasteners and closing the gaps between sheets with tape. Then, a contractor will come to install a spray foam vapour barrier that will cover the top of the barrier, and all the way up the wall, preventing any moisture from entering the crawlspace again. By investing in crawlspace encapsulation, the property value has increased, which will give them higher returns on their property investment. That made our customer very happy.