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Sagging Floors Re-Stabilized

Case Study #4


This family in LaSalle began to notice their floor was sagging in certain areas. Each step would squeak loudly and the floor was beginning to become uneven. They knew they had not looked in their crawlspace in a very long time. They gave Supreme Basements a call to assess the problem. We saw that moisture had regularly been collecting in their crawlspace, damaging the wooden floor joints, causing dry rot damage and instability.


sagging floor in crawlspace


encapsulated crawlspace LaSalle


New wooden floor joints were installed around the existing damaged ones and secured in place. Then our team installed patented SafeBase™ Floor Stabilizers with concrete bases. They are made from high strength steel and are fast, clean, and easy to install.

The crawlspace was then encapsulated to ensure that moisture will not cause any more damage to the floor joints. Now our homeowner won’t wake up the kids due to loud squeaking floors in the morning!