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How to Prevent Sump Pump Discharge from Freezing

freeze relief frozen discharge sump pump

Sometimes you can do everything right and still get bit in the butt. Even when you’ve installed the proper sump pump to prevent flooding, Mother Nature loves to find ways to cost homeowners more money. Windsorites are no strangers to Mother Nature’s sudden, harsh winters. With sudden, harsh winters comes sudden ground freezing. With sudden ground freezing can come frozen sump pump discharge pipes. Imagine, even with a perfectly functioning sump pump, you find yourself standing in your flooded basement, cold water up to your ankles, hands in the air, angrily cursing the skies for your misfortune.

Now put your imaginary hands down. There is a simple to install, cost effective, low-to-no maintenance solution.

Freeze Relief Frozen Discharge Line Protection

Simple solutions are the best solutions, and Freeze Relief is probably the simplest solution we offer at Supreme. Freeze Relief is an overflow device that you attach above ground to the discharge line outside your home. Picture a pinecone shaped plastic part with perforated openings on one half. If your discharge line becomes blocked or frozen, water travelling through the pipe will begin to move backwards toward the sump pump. Once the water meets the Freeze Relief, water exits the pipe through the open perforations, safely discharging into your yard outside. Basement saved!

freeze relief poster

So That’s All?

That’s it on how Freeze Relief works. We recommend that if you have a Freeze Relief and see it being put to use, take action to unblock your discharge pipe. Freeze Relief is a temporary solution. Temporary solutions left unattended will result in a flooded basement. As well, before heading over to Amazon and buying one to install yourself, know that different homes will have different discharge pipe sizes. A schedule 30 PVC pipe fits it perfectly. If your discharge pipe is bigger, installing will become fussier. If you are looking for guidance on installing a Freeze relief, we’re just a phone call away. Our mission is to protect your home like it is our own.

We at Supreme Basement Solutions offer only the best advice, solutions, and products to our customers, because we treat every home like our own. If you want to speak to an expert about more details, we encourage you to send us an email using our contact form, or call us at 519.946.0363.