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Is Basement Waterproofing Worth The Cost?

Loss of Basement

There have been lots of improvements in the way moisture problems are managed. This includes waterproofing a basement. The basement area of a home is either partly or completely below ground level. So if you live in an area that has rain then it is certain at some point your basement will need to combat ground water seepage. This creates an increased moisture situation as it seeks to penetrate the basement walls and floor. The American Society has reported that about 60% of basements will suffer from ground water seepage within 10 to15 years of being built.

So, while it’s clear that basement waterproofing seeks to combat moisture problems, is it worth the effort? If you’ve had doubts about the need for basement waterproofing, you’ll want to read this article to the end.

Is Basement Waterproofing A Worthy Investment?

One of the best ways to prevent water seepage into a basement is by having a reputable company install an interior drainage system (many come with a lifetime transferable warranty). Basement waterproofing simply refers to the action taken to prevent water penetration from entering your finished living space or coming into contact with your homes organic building materials (drywall & flooring).

Several methods are applied for basement waterproofing. These range from the use of hydraulic cement to seal up cracks and also the use of other cement-based sealants.

A drainage mat or waterproof membrane may be installed to keep out moisture. Beware of any gimmicks that cannot offer a lifetime warranty!

Moisture Problems

To better explain whether basement waterproofing is worth the stress or not, a look at the problem is necessary. Lets take a look at moisture problems in a basement. With an understanding of how it negatively impacts your home’s basement, you’re able to decide.

When it comes to wet basements there are basically four main issues that have a negatively impact your basement space.

  • Your homes health
  • Foundation issues
  • Loss of basement use
  • Reduced home value

Basement waterproofing Systems

Health Issues

Whenever a basement is damp, what unfolds is a condition that makes it favourable for mould and mildew growth.

Now, mould presence and growth are common catalysts for health issues like respiratory illnesses. The most common of these include pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma. The continued presence of moisture leads to increased mould growth. This leads to a deterioration of your basement walls, thus causing a release of certain harmful chemical substances. This isn’t a condition to endure.

A damp or wet basement is an unhealthy basement. An an unhealthy basement = and unhealthy home

Foundation Issues

A building’s foundation is one of the most vulnerable when it comes to moisture exposure. The surrounding areas or grounds around your structure will determine
whether you’ll be faced with moisture issues or not.

If the soil around your home becomes saturated with water and has no where to drain then it is highly likely you will have foundation issues. This will occur in the form of your basement walls and floors can becoming saturated with moisture. This will seep into your basement. Also wet soil is heavy soil and heavy soils can cause wall failure in the form of bowing and shearing walls.

Foundation wall issues are repairable but it is very costly!

foundation cracks

Loss of Basement Use

By the time most clients call me they are already fed up with there basement. Because of the high level of humidity it is no longer a comfortable space to spend time in or even as use as a living space. Many times the space is no longer even usable for storage because the space is dank. What ends up happening it turns into a space that is only good for storing things in plastics tote. Once interior drainage is complete the space has been converted to a healthy space and even if its unfinished the walls will be bright white and clean. It will no longer be a scary place. And most of all you can finish your basement in confidence that it will stay dry and healthy. Its an awful situation when we are called to client homes that have just finished basement notice wet baseboards and damp floors. Its not fun to let the client know that we need to remove 10’s of thousands of dollars of finished basement materials to install waterproofing. Its not fun to spend money 2 times to finish your basement.

mould asbestos

Improvement of Resale Value

When a home’s basement is waterproofed, it instantly increases its resale value. You don’t have to repeat this as a good job done once remains until you’re ready to sell off your property. when you list your home with a Supreme Basement Solutions interior drainage system you are selling it with a high quality drainage system that is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

Especially if the basement isn’t finished. The potential buyers will see the basement as a clean slate and ready to finish in any way they want. Also if you are listing your home and you have even minor seepage issues you must disclose it. If you do not disclose it and the basement leaks shortly after the house is sold then the buyer can come after you for damages. This is not a good situation to be in and easily avoidable by fixing the basement before you sell.

Is It Necessary To Waterproof A Basement?

If your basement is unfinished and doesn’t appear to be suffering from ground water seepage why would you waterproof it? Well if you are spending a lot of money to finish your basement do you really want to risk the space getting ruined by ground water seepage? Also if your basement is unfinished and does not appear damp this does not mean it is not going to be damp when it is finished. Concrete constantly wicks out moisture and evaporates into the open air. So once the basement is finished the walls have building materials covering the walls and floors which traps in the moisture. That moisture gets trapped and mould will begin to grow where you cant see it.

In our opinion any basement that is below grade should have a proper interior drainage system installed. At the very least it will help control high levels of humidity and protect your home from ground water seepage which helps guarantee a healthy space.

Due to the nature of the problem, basement waterproofing is best performed by trained and experienced professionals. Supreme Basement Solutions are Waterproofing and Foundation repair experts that are highly trained and use only products that have been designed for basement waterproofing and foundation repair.