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Why Pro Series Pumps Are the Premiere Sump Pump

pro series pumps

If any of you have been dutifully reading our blogs, you may remember that a while back we made a post about Zoeller sump pumps and why we choose them over all other sump pumps. However, in keeping up to date with advancing sump pump technologies and service, we are proud to now be an exclusive dealer of pro Series sump pumps!

Why did we make the switch? For the same reason we chose Zoeller before: because Pro Series sump pumps are the best sump pump solution to waterproof your basement that we could get our hands on. Sorry Zoeller, there’s a new sheriff in town. Let us run through why.

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6 Common Causes of Basement Moisture and How they Should be Fixed

basement moisture cleanup

Basement moisture is a common problem in Windsor-Essex. We have record rainfalls each year that passes. We are surrounded by Great Lakes. Basement affects the air quality of your home, the structural integrity of your foundation, and can be expensive to fix if left unattended.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs of basement moisture problems so that no surprises come your way down the road:

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Why You Should Consider Waterproofing Your Basement Before Moving In

Basement Inspection

Congratulations! Moving into a new home is an exciting chapter in someone’s life, and also a stressful one. There is a long list of things to do before the move: pack your belongings, get rid of anything you’re not taking with you, change your address, transfer insurance policies… it goes on! Basement waterproofing is likely at the bottom of the to-do list when preparing to move into a new home. In fact, we’d bet it’s not on the list at all. Many people don’t realize that the best time to waterproof your basement is before the move!