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Why Carbon Fibre Repair is the Best Way to Repair a Bowed Wall

carbon fibre repair

A bowed wall is a sight that makes any homeowner’s stomach drop. The causes are plentiful. Your basement could have improper drainage, your yard could host a large amount of hydrostatic pressure. We’ve even come across a house recently where nearby tree roots were trying to push their way through the foundation. Yikes.

What if we told you there was a simple to install, inexpensive, and fast way to repair your bowed wall permanently? Gone are the days of using bulky, expensive, steel I-beams. Say hello to the world of Carbon Fibre.

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4 Benefits to Encapsulating Your Crawlspace

crawlspace encapsulation windsor

Rodents and pests and mold… Oh my!

With Halloween approaching fast, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about the scariest part of your home, the place that very well may be haunted with its strange smells and creatures of the dark awaiting you—your crawlspace. If you’re reading this, maybe you’re ready to conquer your fears and rid your home of its inner demons. Or maybe you’re looking into the benefits of crawlspace encapsulation. At the end of the day, they’re the same thing, right? Since there’s no place like home, let’s look at how crawlspace encapsulation can improve yours.

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How Does Improper Drainage Lead to Foundation Cracks?

Foundation Repair

We’re a water basement treatment company, so we’ve seen how improper drainage can cause major damage to your home’s foundation — it ain’t pretty. For you and I, water equals life. For your home’s foundation, water equals a slow, painful death. Every heavy rainstorm that hits, every winter that thaws, and every excitable gardener who overwaters their plants poses a threat unless you have the proper water removal systems in place. If not, then let us explain to you why it might be a good idea to implement some.

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What Makes Zoeller Pro Series Sump Pumps Different?

zoeller sump pump windsor

Here at Supreme, we don’t mess around. When you come to us for our services, information, or even just a quick question, it’s our mission to offer you the best solutions, answers, and products. Speaking of products—today we want to talk to you about sump pumps (we know, not our strongest segue). But before we get into the sump pump we choose for basement waterproofing, we’re going to dive briefly into what a sump pump is.

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DIY Crawlspace Repair or Call a Professional?

crawlspace repair needed

Alright, alright, we know why you’re reading this. You’re a proud DIY-er. But be warned, you have begun researching the mother of all DIY’s. We want to be honest and transparent. Crawlspace encapsulation and crawlspace repair is tough stuff. We know, we’ve done it a hundred times. But we’re not here to sell ourselves. We want to look at whether it’s genuinely worth doing it yourself or hiring a professional. So, let’s weigh the costs.