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Signs You May Have Mould in Your Basement or Crawlspace

Woman Coughing from Mould in Home

Moulds are organisms which are neither plant nor animal. They are part of the fungi kingdom. Unlike plants, moulds do not get their energy from the sun through photosynthesis. In fact the sun’s ultraviolet light inhibits mould growth. Moulds also digest or “eat” the material they are growing on. The role of mould is to break down decaying organic matter such as dead plants, leaves or dead animals.

Basement or crawlspace mould is often the result of a source of moisture — leaky foundations or condensation from appliances are typical culprits. One of the first steps in the prevention of basement mould is to ensure that your basement is free of any moisture and doesn’t support a damp, humid environment where mould can thrive.

It’s important to address mould problems before it takes over your home. Moulds main goal is to destroy surfaces its growing on as well as making more mould. Mould breeds like rabbits but are not near as cute! If there is mould in your basement then its likely to be airborne. That means you are probably breathing it in upstairs as well.

It’s very important to stop the type of mould that can be toxic to you and your family ’s health. If you let toxic mould grow rampant throughout your home, you can experience a number of adverse health symptoms. Noticing these symptoms early on can be a matter of life and death for those living with toxic mould. Learn the signs today so you can take action to stop toxic mould from growing and spreading throughout your home.

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Toxic Mould Signs And Symptoms

Chronic Coughing

Coughing is meant to clear out the airways from irritants. Since spores irritate the airways, they trigger bouts of coughing. If your cough always triggers in the same room, you might have a mould problem. Infants, pets, and the elderly are especially vulnerable to mould-induced coughing.

Musty Smells

If there’s a certain musty smell in a room, it’s most likely due to mould. As it grows, mould produces chemicals that we can smell. The human nose can detect chemicals to warn us of danger. In the case of mould, these chemicals come about due to rotting, which also attracts pests like spiders and Earwigs.

Chronic Fatigue

Feeling exhausted after exertion is normal; feeling exhausted when you’ve sat around all day isn’t. Fatigue that kicks in during rainy days is likely caused by toxic mould that releases spores as the relative humidity increases. If you feel fatigued in some rooms but refreshed in an air conditioned room or outside in fresh air, you may have a toxic mould problem.

Allergy-Like Symptoms

Sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes are typically signs of allergy. If you get these symptoms without being allergic, a likely cause is toxic mould spores. The allergic symptoms happen because the immune system overreacts to an allergen, in this case toxic mould spores. There is no cure for allergy, only a temporary relief and prevention.


As the spores enter the sinuses, the body reacts by producing more mucus to trap them. Soon enough, the mucus builds up and clogs the sinuses, leading to a headache.

What You Can Do About Mould In Your Home

As soon as you recognize toxic mould signs and symptoms you should contact a CERTIFIED professional. Any sort of cleaning, scrubbing, or attempt to remove the mould on your own could release the deadly spores into the air of your home, creating more problems.

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A properly prepared remediation team will remove the mould and mould ridden materials carefully and with a number of safety measures in place to ensure that it does not spread further. Once removal has taken place, the air also can be cleaned with specialized machinery and filtration systems to ensure that any spores that may have been released into the air prior to or during remediation are removed, and that your family will be safe. Supreme Basement Solutions is experienced in dealing with all manner of mould remediation and clean up. A lot of mould issues in the basement and crawlspace are caused by waterproofing or wet crawlspace issues our company has developed a system to make your home healthy and then provide a solution to make sure you do not have the problem again.

If you want a professional that you can trust to keep your property and your family safe from a dangerous infestation of toxic mould, contact our company at info@new.supremebasements.com to schedule your free inspection.