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Tree Roots Causing Foundation Failure

Case Study #10


This homeowner’s foundation was failing dramatically. The roots of a large tree that was too close to the home had grown so far that they were pressing against their foundation, forming horizontal cracks and causing the foundation wall to bow drastically. A solution was needed urgently to prevent the foundation wall from moving any further, and to prevent moisture from entering into the basement through the compromised foundation.


tree root foundation issue


tree-root foundation issue solved


To stabilize the foundation, our team installed strips of SafeBasements Carbon Fiber, the strongest bowed wall repair system in the industry. It is quick to install, and the homeowner can enjoy a 25-year transferable warranty. In addition, our team installed SafeBasements SafeDrain™ System with a vapour barrier to safely collect and redirect water out of the basement through a sump pump.

SafeDrain™ allows for a 100% thicker layer of concrete to be placed over the repaired area without compromising the reduction of hydrostatic pressure or flow rate of the draining water. This added strength at the repaired area is substantial and will aid in maintaining a permanent repair without common failure rates in a thin layer of concrete common in almost all other footer drain systems.