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Crumbling Foundation Stabilized and Waterproofed

Case Study #9


This homeowner found symptoms of moisture problems in their basement. After our assessment, severe foundation damage was found around the whole perimeter of the large basement. The walls were bowing and sheering, and featured many large cracks. In one area, an entire chunk of foundation fell out while our crews performed the demo. Evidence of water damage was found throughout the entire foundation. A foundation slab crack was also found. This foundation needed to be stabilized and waterproofed as soon as possible.


black mould before



To stabilize the foundation, our team opted to install a combined solution, using both our Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Straps, as well as multiple Waler Wall Systems. Both systems are backed by a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty.

To waterproof the basement, a small trench is dug around the foundation perimeter to install our SafeDrain System, which carries water to the sump pump. A vapour barrier is installed, directing any water that enters through the foundation into the SafeDrain System. All mould spots are cleaned and dried. The foundation slab crack is sealed.