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How to Remove Fear of Basement Flooding from Your Vacation with Connect Wifi

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Picture this: You’ve been looking forward to your vacation for months. Your bags are packed, your itinerary is set, and you’re ready to finally unwind. But as you step out the door and lock it behind you, that nagging worry creeps in, “What if my basement floods while I’m away?” It’s a valid concern. You know that your sump pump won’t turn on if the power goes out and your spouse convinced you a battery backup wasn’t necessary. You’re in quite the dilemma.

What if there was a way for you to instantly know if something went wrong with your sump pump system no matter how far away from home you were? Then you could call your neighbour and save your Windsor basement from certain disaster! Well guess what, as you may have suspected. We didn’t write this blog post without a solution.

The Solution: Pro Series Connect Wifi Module

The Pro Series Connect Wifi Module is here to be your personal sump pump carrier pigeon, allowing you to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. Here’s how it works:

  • Instant Notifications: The Connect Wifi Module is compatible with Pro Series controllers and systems. Once installed, it connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. If something goes wrong with your sump pump system while you’re away, such as a pump failure, the module sends instant notifications to your smartphone via email or text. Whether you’re lounging on a beach, exploring a new city, or simply relaxing at a remote cabin, the notifications provide real-time updates, allowing you to take immediate action if needed.
  • No Monthly Fees: Unlike some remote monitoring services that come with ongoing subscription costs, the Connect Wifi Module requires only a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees, making it a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for staying connected to your waterproofing system.


Don’t let the fear of basement flooding spoil your vacation. The Pro Series Connect Wifi Module empowers homeowners with a reliable and convenient way to monitor their sump pump system remotely. With its instant notification system, you can enjoy your vacation with confidence. Invest in peace of mind and make your vacations worry-free with the Connect Wifi Module.